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The Commercialisation of Yoga

Jennifer Taylor, 25 June 2015

The judgement ‘that’s not Yoga’ is heard regularly within the Yoga community. Whether it’s criticism of: one tradition against another; criticism of ‘workout mentality’; overemphasis on asana at the expense of the other seven limbs of Yoga; or the proliferation of Yoga teachers tumbling out onto an unsuspecting public with inadequate certifications. Some aspects of these criticisms are founded, some represent unwelcome elitism and negativity.

Being in business as well as steeped in Yoga for nearly 30 years, this is a topic I contemplate often. The commercialisation of Yoga is an easy target for criticism. As I researched this article, I found that the criticism fell into two main philosophical schools: the purist, ‘denigration of ancient traditions’ school; and the ‘hypocrisy’ school. The ‘denigration of ancient traditions’ school objects to innovation at the expense of quality and seeks to uphold respect for sacred lineage, authenticity and integrity. The ‘hypocrisy’ school argues that the ethics of Capitalism and Yoga are fundamentally at odds, predisposing commercial activities in the field of Yoga inevitably towards exploitation and corruption.

If we define the commercialisation of Yoga as the offering of yoga products and services for financial gain, these include but are not limited to studios, workshops, teacher trainings, retreats, clothing, content and accessories.[1] ‘Commercialisation’ is generally a pejorative term, suggesting profit over people and style over substance.Read More...

Philosophy & Meditation Webinar with Swami Pujan Tue 16 June

Jennifer Taylor, 18 June 2015

Our first Philosophy & Meditation Webinar with Swami Pujan on Tuesday night proved a wonderful forum for learning, growth and exchange. Our main reason for launching this type of webinar is to create a forum for students at all levels, whether beginners, intermediate or yoga teachers and advanced students, to continue their spiritual study (svadhyaya). Even when trained in yogic philosophy and meditation, learning does not stop when we leave the classroom, the inquiry is lifelong. Access to our teachers is one of the difficult aspects of modern yogic life. Therefore, creating a forum like this lead by a spiritual teacher like Swami Pujan creates a community of like minds (sangha) to support us.

Last night, one of our attendees was four months pregnant so this initiated a discussion about the energetic cleansing that occurs during pregnancy. We discussed meditation, employing a new focus/drishti to the belly to support spiritual development of the baby and strengthen the bond within. Read More...

Five Things I Change in Winter

Jennifer Taylor, 10 June 2015

Winter can be a cozy delight or a heavy burden. If you are familiar with Aryuveda, you'll understand that a Vata Dosha constitution like mine can find the cold depleting and uncomfortable. (If you're not familiar with the sister science of Yoga, Aryuveda, and the three mind-body types you can read more and take the Dosha quiz here.)

As a result, I pay more attention to my rituals as it gets colder and make some changes:

  1. Body Oil: This is probably one of my favourite daily rituals. I make my own body oil blends and in winter I change the combination of carrier and essential oils. I prefer more moisturising carrier oils like Avocado and Apricot Kernal oil when it's colder. I mix these with essential oils like Tangerine, Neroli and Chamomile to stabilise and restore my nervous system. I apply the oil in conjunction with a fragrance free moisturiser: One pump of moisturiser to one or two pumps of oil; and I massage it on, always towards the heart. Read More...
  2. Women Leading Change 2015

    Jennifer Taylor, 27 May 2015

    I had the incredible fortune of being invited to attend the Women Leading Change conference a couple of weeks ago run by The Wake Up Project.

    The line up was impressive: Seane Corn, Yogin Activist; Petrea King, founder of Quest for Life; Tara Moss, Author Advocate; Claire Bowditch, Songwriter and founder of Big Hearted Business; Sarah Wilson, Author and founder of I Quit Sugar; Tami Simon, founder of Sounds True; and the inimitable Lucy Perry, former CEO of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia in Australia.

    Each of these women impacted me in a different and profound way. I unfortunately missed Petrea’s session due to work commitments but managed to enjoy all of the other speakers humour and grounded wisdom. Here’s what I gleaned. Read More...

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Jennifer Taylor on the Today Show discussing Online Yoga Classes
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