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Dream Work

Jennifer Taylor, 3 March 2015

This article follows our previous blog on  Sleep and Dreaming in Yoga, where we examined how Dream Work can become part of our yoga and self-development toolkit. This time we look more closely at how we can practically work with dreams to enhance our ability to perceive and illuminate the energetic world.

What if I’m not dreaming?

Many who claim not to dream might be experiencing either poor quality sleep or difficulty remembering their dreams.  Dreaming, or at least remembering your dreams, requires at least some component of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep.  This is a sleep phase forms 20-25%, approximately 90-120 minutes of a total night’s sleep in most people. Read More...

Sleep and Dreaming in Yoga

Jennifer Taylor, 28 January 2015

Fluctuations of sleep

What is the role of sleep and dreaming in our self-development ‘toolkit’. Do you consider your sleep and dreams as a cause, symptom or tool in yogic self-study?

For many of us, sleep and dreaming are the first and most accessible demonstrations of the layers of our consciousness. The effects of fluctuations in sleep can be observed in waking life and dreams offer a window to the state of our minds. TheYoga Sutras by Patanjali lists sleep as one of the five fluctuations of consciousness that may be afflicted or unafflicted (1.6).

Dreamless sleep and dream states can be regarded as obstacles to meditative absorption, as in many of the Upanishadsand the Baghavad Gita



The Ph in Pranayama

Jennifer Taylor, 25 November 2014

Vegetarianism can be a challenging part of my practice. I've been mostly vegetarian, with the exception of fish, for more than twenty years. Even so, I have to work to maintain my protein, iron and energy levels in keeping with an Aryuvedic Vata profile. 

After studying with Simon Borg-Olivier for several years, I have improved focus on pranayama to try to address some of these aspects of my constitution. In short, breathing less and including retentions, increases levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the body. Increased CO2 results in greater systemic acidity and more oxygen being sent to the brain. Read More...

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Jennifer Taylor on the Today Show discussing Online Yoga
Jennifer Taylor on the Today Show discussing Online Yoga

A great idea by a great teacher @MrandMrsPose Virtual fitness classes threaten gyms via @smh

— Jacquie Potter (@jacquiepotter) May 23, 2014

Using online yoga classes to get me through a challenging week. Access from the comfort of my own home = no excuses! @MrandMrsPose

— M-C (@MC_down_under) May 14, 2014

@MrandMrsPose That is a very cool use of our Product :) ^GD

— Citrix GoToMeeting (@GoToMeeting) December 2, 2013 

Jennifer Taylor on the Today Show in the Future of Fitness